living with folks. I had lived in Honduras for a year, so I was definitely having broader experiences. But Richmond was the first place I lived in where I would consider it a multi cultural experience. I use my Spanish all the time. I didn’t use it for the first ten or 15 years that I was here. It’s like riding a bike. Once you get to the place where you can think in Spanish, which I had gotten to, I could actually translate in Spanish. It may take you a day or two to get back to it. But when I’m in settings where it is all in Spanish, I can do fine.
“I had taken four years of high school Spanish. But that’s not the same thing. When I moved to Richmond, the only time I used my Spanish was about once a year or so. I would get a call from a court to come translate in court, or go with a lawyer to jail to interview a client. Because people knew I spoke Spanish. But I didn’t us my Spanish other than that. But now I use it all the time. In Richmond there are places I go where I’m able just to speak Spanish to folks. And in Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads, I use it all the time now.

governor tim kaine BIO IN BRIEF
• 2005: Elected 70th Governor of Virginia;
• 2002–2006: Lieutenant Governor of Virginia;
• 1998–2001: Mayor of Richmond;
• 1994–2001: Richmond City Council;
• 1987–2001: Lawyer with McCandlish Kaine, PC (now McCandlish Holton PC), Richmond, VA;
• 1984–1987: Lawyer with Little, Parsley & Cluverius, PC, Richmond Virginia
• 1984: Moved to Richmond; general practice with an emphasis
on commercial, construction, civil rights, and administrative litigation;
• 1983–1984: Judicial Clerk to the Honorable R. Lanier Anderson, III, Macon, GA (judge on the US Court of Appeals 11th Circuit);
• 1983: Harvard Law, cum laude;
• 1979: University of Missouri, bachelor’s in economics, summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa;
• Married to Judge Anne Holton, daughter of former Governor
A. Linwood Holton (1970–1974); sons Nat, Woody, and daughter Annella.
• Born Feb. 26, 1958, St. Paul, Minnesota, raised outside Kansas City Missouri. Worked as a young man in his father’s iron working and welding shop. While in law school, took year off to work as Christian Missionary in Honduras. VR