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Sandra G. Treadway, PhD, Our New Librarian of Virginia
It’s always nice when the right person gets paired with the right job. Sandra Treadway has been in training for this position for almost three decades, and is most likely our best qualified Librarian of Virginia to date. We need her to be highly qualified, because the Library of Virginia is a treasure trove of exciting resources.

In Search of “The Virginia Way” This year we helped Larry J. Sabato, PhD and the UVa Center for Politics celebrate their tenth anniversary with a conference in Richmond. Ken Stroupe, no stranger to politics himself as Governor George Allen’s former Press Secretary, gives us an in depth retrospective of these annual conferences that have meant so much to everyone who truly believes “Politics is a Good Thing” or not!

By Kenneth S. Stroupe

Mid Atlantic Highlands Action Program: Bringing Service and Partnerships to an Extraordinary and Underserved Region The author sheds some light on how important natural conservation is all over the state, but in the case of this article, the Appalachian region of the Commonwealth.

By Faye Crawford Cooper

The Other Side of the Coin–What Does the Future of Virginia’s Budget Really Look Like? The state budget is the bane of everyone’s existence these days, yet it is the unavoidable process to making our Commonwealth a fiscal and social success. The author is with the Commonwealth Institute, and he explains the realities of the situation.

By Michael J. Cassidy

Tourism Makes Cents

By Alyson L. Taylor-White

This is a delightful spin on what to do with an elegant architectural structure like the historical King William County Court Clerk’s Office, and educate the public at the same time. The vision for this museum project came from the late Clerk of Circuit Court Thomas T.H. Hill.

By Katy Lloyd and Frances Hubbard

What is E–Gov, and What Does IT Mean to Your Community?

By Mark Barham

Trees Take Center Stage at Annual GIS Conference

By Larry Stipek

A Fascinating Book Gives a View of the Organizational Future

By Russell M. Linden, PhD

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