The Big Election Story
As  election time nears, you have  no doubt tired of the chaotic cries of political pollsters and pundits who agonize over how this presidential election cycle will end.  Well, we all know the answer to that one: one candidate will win, the other will not.
 There is one Virginia election, however,  that is getting relatively little press with the exception spattering of news in the national dailies on slow news days.  And that is the Richmond mayoral election.  This is an election that has a much greater outcome than simply one person winning and the others not.  This heralds a totally new form of government for our state capital.  While there is little local coverage on this race, and we suspect even less outside the region, this race should cause local government managers
NORFOLK copy.jpg
Meeting on the courthouse steps (l to r, VR Editor and Joe Morgan) in historic Halifax County with the outgoing county administrator was a bittersweet event.  Joe is moving on to enjoy retirement and his loves for NC State football and bike riding, but we will miss his humor and mentoring.  See article page 13.
By Alyson L. Taylor-White