From Ruin to Rehab: Old Neighborhoods Can Transform a City - Does Local Preservation Policy Serve Richmond as Well as It Could?
A citizens preservation grew from a small grass roots
organization into a visible, viable advocacy group.  Learn about how they are educating the public and public officials, as well as providing needed preservation for the capital city’s landmarks.
By Jennie Dotts

The Big Election Story

Israel on the Appomattox
 Review Review
A new book has been published about Thomas Cannon, a retired postal worker and long time benefactor for needy families in Richmond.  Read about his heroic struggle with his own challenges, and along the way, improving others’ circumstances.

Ecotech Network    
The Early Days of
GIS at Harvard Remembered

 By Larry Stipek

Perceptions and Perspectives
By Kathi B. Scearce

The Power of Relationships,
second in a series on customer service
In this second installment on customer service,  Russ Linden relates how understanding people in the workplace and their relationships is key to success.
By Russell M. Linden, PhD

morgan 1 b.w..jpg

The End of an Era:
Joe Morgan Retires
We had the great fortune to visit one of our favorite Southside localities and one of the finest local government managers this past summer.  At the end of a 31 year career in the public sector, Joe Morgan shared some of his insights into his work.
photo / virginia review
James City’s Land Preservation Program - Saving Spaces and Serving as Stewards
Urban county James City has embraced a concept designed to preserve rural lands.  Some of this property has been in the same families for centuries and many say should not be redeveloped into other than rural use.
By Ruth Richey

Rural Historic Districts in
Virginia: Supporting Community Preservation
Learn about other suburban and urban areas in
the state that are trying innovative approaches to
preserving and protecting land and resources.
By Christopher G. Miller and Josephine F. deGive

Vision in Heritage: Roanoke Transforms
Old Rail Buildings into a New Outlook
for Downtown
Giving tours of what they have done in Roanoke to
rework and reuse previously unusable or undesirable space is something city officials relish instead of dread.  Learn about how they got their development efforts “on track.”
By Chris Chittum, AICP