Joe Morgan is the consummate local government management professional.  From an
economic development perspective, he is grounded in reality but manages to successfully communicate and implement a vision that’s built on collaboration and creativity, which are necessarily characteristics in rural communities.  North Carolina State alumni are few and far between in the great Commonwealth, and I’ll look forward to seeing him and Nancy in the stands at all the upcoming televised Wolfpack ballgames!

-Liz Povar
Director, Business Development
Virginia Economic
Development Partnership
 Joe said he also looked forward to returning to the job he’d held from 1984 to 1986 as Halifax County Administrator.  He liked it then, and he liked it even better the second time around.
 “I think it was a good decision,” he said.  “It was a location decision for family and personal reasons.  My mom says it’s because of NC State athletics that my brother and I take a lot of pride in.  Halifax is as close as you could be in Virginia to the Raleigh-Durham  area.”  
Caroline County, then they migrated westward to Halifax.  The old family land is now owned by the South Boston Town Attorney, he explained.   His branch of the family eventually headed south to North Carolina, where Joe was born.  Ann Rogers Clark’s family moved farther west, near the Jeffersons in Albemarle County.  Many think it is no coincidence that Jefferson chose Lewis and Clark as the explorers to send west since the three were raised within the same small, intimate community.  
Joe Morgan is an unabashed fan of NC State, and now they will have him in their cheering section on a full time basis.