We had mixed feelings during the drive to Halifax County.  It was a beautiful day and we were going to spend a couple of days in Southside, very possibly one of the best parts of our great state.  We were also going to interview one of the best county administrators the Commonwealth has ever, and perhaps will ever see. There was a sad reason we were visiting Halifax County Administrator Joseph N. “Joe” Morgan worked and lived as well.  That was because after over 30 years of dedicated service to Virginia’s public sector, Joe was hanging up his hat and retiring.  He agreed to sit down with us and talk about his career, and we anticipated that time to visit once again with a terrific leader and mentor.
 With time to kill before our interview began, we scouted shops and other spots we wanted to see on our previous visit to South Boston.  It was on the way to lunch that we stood still in our tracks.  There it was on the news stand, in black and white.  All along we thought Joe Morgan was retiring to move back home to North Carolina where he and his lovely wife Nancy could return to their home state, family, and friends.  Not according to the News & Record, the local paper that has the tag line “Largest Circulated Newspaper in the Halifax County - South Boston Area.”  The banner headline was printed in large, bold print.  It read, “Morgan Halts Trial With Guilty Plea.”
 After reading a few lines, of course, we realised it was
not Joe Morgan on trial.  But knowing him and his sense of humor, we knew he would find humor our considering this his fate.  
 We entered the county administration office on the main street of Halifax and waited for Joe to arrive from a class he was teaching.  
 When he strode through the door, he was wearing a dapper straw hat and sensible summer office casual attire.  He was tanned and refreshed and more relaxed than we’d seen him in years.  It was good to sit down with him and hear his thoughts during the closing days of his work in Virginia.
 We wondered what possessed him four years ago to leave his successful career as Pulaski County Administrator where he had been hailed as a great local leader and facilitator for economic development.  Folks in Pulaski were devastated when he announced he would return to the Southside Virginia community where he served many years before.
 He explained that he returned, not only to a former employer, but to his ancestral roots when he returned to Halifax County as county administrator.  His great grandfather (four times over) John Rogers was the brother of Ann Rogers Clark.  She was the mother of George Rogers Clark the Revolutionary War hero, and William Clark of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.  The Rogers had a homestead in
Joe are the same ones that are displayed on our seal of our great county: Pride, Vision, Excellence.  This is Joe Morgan!  I congratulate Joe on his many accomplishments
during his career, thank him for what he contributed to
Pulaski County, and wish him much health and happiness as he enters his ‘rockin’ years.’

- Jerry White
Pulaski County Board of
Supervisors 1988-1999
It has been my pleasure to know Joe Morgan for approximately 20 years.  I have always found him to be a true professional and a real gentleman in all that he was involved with.  I was fortunate enough to serve as a member of the Pulaski County Board of Supervisors during the time that Joe served as our county administrator.  Our community and our citizens benefitted and will continue to benefit for many years thanks to his contributions.  I was
always amazed at Joe’s talent for planning, organizing, and being so productive as he balanced his time and his activities between his profession, his community, and his family.  Probably the most descriptive words one could use when thinking of
The End of an Era:
Joe Morgan 

By Alyson L. Taylor-
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