But if you are looking for someone to come in and hold the fort down while you are going through the search and interview process, remember to call on Tedd Povar at the Institute
of Government. Tedd staffs the VLGMA Member Support Committee that includes a group of retired managers called the Range Riders. Also, Tedd’s responsibilities include working with a group of managers called Support Coordinators. These managers will be helpful if you are new to the field of local government management in Virginia and don’t know the ropes. The chair for the Member Support Committee is Lynchburg City Manager Kim Payne. You’ll read more about Kim in the cover profile of his Deputy City Manager and VLGMA President Bonnie Svrcek. Tedd and Kim’s contact information can be found at the end of this column. Please also reference the many excellent resources our advertisers who offer expert assistance in this arena can offer to you.
Tourism, government, and museum organizations have been giving lip service to the grand and wonderful events that will occur in 2007 when we celebrate the 400th anniversary of the founding of the Jamestown Colony. International
as well as national visitors are expected to arrive by the millions, and Jamestown, both of the Jamestowns [the APVA and National
Parks Service park that includes the actual archaeological site and remains of the original fort; and the state appointed Jamestown-Yorktown
Foundation, neither of which has practically anything to do with the other except in name] have been similarly giving signs that they are going to be prepared for the event. This fervor has rippled all over the state. In Halifax County, we found they are embracing their Revolutionary War and Civil Rights history, and are planning to cash
in on the expected throngs of tourists just like their eastern colleagues.
Some regions decided, albeit late, to commission studies on their tourism venues and see what their status is and how ready they are in general
to entertain and retain visitors’ interests and revenues. Bear in mind we are now less than two years from the 2007 Jamestown anniversary. Two regions in particular, the Crater Planning District Commission that includes Petersburg, Dinwiddie, Chesterfield, and Prince George as well as the Historic Triangle group including Williamsburg, Yorktown, and James City County, released studies from consultants giving them a tourism report card. Remember, the Jamestowns, both of them, are in James City County.*
The results of the studies, done by two completely different consultants came back with very similar recommendations. They suggested—you might want to brace yourself for this—that the localities and attractions work together instead of competing against each other to strengthen their base.
In the Historic Triangle region, the industries should be seeing a revival in promotion after years of drought from the state coffers since the new local $2 lodging fee goes toward marketing the different entities.