ting the members of the VLGMA and other managers who are not members who need to be recruited, engaged in the organization.
“One of our biggest challenges is organizational capacity because we are all very busy people. Our first response is going to be taking care of the locality, doing what we need to do to make sure that our localities are operating.
“But I also think that Virginia has a history of having a very strong local government managers’ group and history, and that people want to be engaged. We haven’t done a good enough job
Bonnie is an inspiration. She demonstrates on a regular basis that common sense can triumph over the red tape that’s often associated with doing business with local government. Apart from being a consummate professional, a genuinely good person, and a caring, responsible pet owner, Bonnie is also willing to give of herself by volunteering for the community. I’ve enjoyed every interaction with Bonnie. It’s so refreshing to be able to talk to someone who not only understands the issues but cares about making them BETTER. Now, if she would only adopt another couple of cats, or perhaps a dog . . .
- Julie Passmore
Lynchburg Humane
Society, Inc.
Bonnie has the unique ability to bring all concerned parties together to do what’s right for both the city and our community. She’s able to grasp the entire picture.
- Bob Leveque
Chair, United Way Campaign
United Way Board of Directors
Bonnie Svrcek has all the personal resources that well serve a really great VLGMA President. Organizational efficiency and the ability to inspire diverse groups of people are but two of her considerable arsenal of leadership attributes. Besides all that, she really cares about her responsibilities. Good show, Bonnie!
- The Hon. Roger Hedgepeth
Mayor of Blacksburg
saying, ‘here are the ten different committees that we have. Which one do you want to serve on?’ We are used to having the same people [at the forefront] and we are all getting older; we need to engage everybody. I want everybody to have an opportunity to serve on a committee. They can determine what that’s going to be. We have ten different committees that are chartered in the bylaws and we hear that people want to be engaged. Well, this will be their opportunity.”
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