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Employee Embezzlements And Your Organization-Not In A Million Years? - by Jeffrey A. Cole  new article
If you have a minute, Google this: Employee Embezzlement. You may be amazed. However, if you are not amazed at the number of recent employee embezzlements, and you feel totally comfortable your organization will not be impacted by this rising type of crime, please continue reading this article.
Why We Must Raise the Gas Tax (Set to Expire Sept. 30) - by Barry B. LePatne
Holding the Gas Tax Hostage:
Six Solutions to Move Us Beyond Threats to the Gas Tax and Start Fixing Our Ailing Infrastructure Before Disaster Strikes Again After a highly contentious budget debate, Congress may now be gearing up for a fight over the decades-old gas tax, which is set to expire September 30. Barry LePatner explains why the gas tax must continue and why it provides only a drop in the bucket of what is really needed to repair the nation’s infrastructure.
Turn Off the Talking Heads. Turn On the Common Sense. Money Expert Eric Tyson Can Help - by Eric Tyson
Between the political infighting and the many pundits providing their own, often misguided, input on what’s best for the nation’s finances, it can be difficult for Americans to know what to believe when it comes to the economy.
About the Health Care Lawsuits - by Sam Singer
What Law Professors can teach the Justice Department about Defending the Mandatory Insurance Provision