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March 30, 2012


On March 28, 2012, the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS) sent out a news release about the closure of SportsQuest HPC and how eligible consumers may file for refunds. That release is available online at


VDACS offers the following comments to clarify questions that have arisen:

·         VDACS did not shut down the Oak Lake Boulevard facility formerly operated by SportsQuest HPC. The cancellation of contracts for this facility occurred automatically through a provision of the Virginia Health Spa Act. As stated in the earlier release: The Virginia Health Spa Act provides that when a health spa facility goes out of business and cannot provide its members with membership at a comparable alternate facility, all contracts are cancelled automatically and eligible members are entitled to receive a prorated refund of the unexpired portion of their contract.

·         Eligible members who believe they are due a refund as a result of the facility’s closure have until May 25, 2012, to file a claim. Instructions on how consumers may file a claim for a prorated refund are outlined in the March 28 news release referenced above.

·         While VDACS is issuing refunds, it is important to note that the refunds will not come from state funds. Refunds will be issued from the surety bond previously posted by SportsQuest HPC with VDACS’ Office of Consumer Affairs. The availability of refunds will depend on the bond company making payment to VDACS after claims are filed.

·         This process, overseen by VDACS, pertains only to SportsQuest HPC, which formerly was located at 2240 Oak Lake Boulevard, Midlothian, Virginia and it is not part of the ongoing civil litigation filed by the Attorney General’s Office against SportsQuest, LLC.



Elaine Lidholm